Tedious flower


Tedious flower sits in the grotesque soil

Longing for nurture, with soil moist and fertile

As comfortable as a velvet cushion.

Its petals as dry as the pages of a book,

Neglected, and malnourished.

Its stem harsh- brown,

And its petals being wiped away like bitter-cold memories

Rush frantically to the pollen also being blackened

With the distress of fear.








Hostile tree


Hostile tree is in a hostile zone,

Putrid soil and mangled roots,

Enables it’s eyes to glare at the moon.

And its withered branches disrupt its picturesque.

Its struggling branches decaying with neglect,

As the eagle chooses to roost in another nest.

The leaves have emigrated from their leader,

Forgetting that the once were a follower.

The twigs now disowned for great independence,

And snapped at their lonely father.

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