Atmosphere Island evaporating away…

It’s hard to imagine a world without Atmosphere Island. Alarmingly, the island is wasting away second by second and is facing imminent danger. Without your help, the destruction could be devastating! Will you stand up and take action to help the Atmosphere Island?


The precious Sun-drop flower, that can only accommodate with the conditions in Atmosphere Island, is a vital source for the native citizens of this island. The essential essence of the flower provides the most luscious flavours and efficient health, along with a balanced diet. This means everyone is well-fed. However, this valuable flower has been dying out due to illegal harvesting. Consequently, the people of Atmosphere Island are losing their main diet and a sacred part of tradition is at risk.


Furthermore, the forest of Wispy Willows has been being chopped down by illegal loggers that have whizzed over from other galaxies. They have robbed the wood, ripped the bark off and they will keep going until the forest is gone. The bark is used to heal people and is sold for millions, while the wood is admired by many, earning them a fortune. 


In addition, the Atmosphere Island is under risk of pollution. Careless visitors have converted the island into a wasteland by disposing tons of litter across our beaches so the Silver Skyfish are on the brink of extinction by consuming disintegrated plastic.  


An overuse of oil and non-recyclable products has caused acid rain that is destroying our fields and meadows, letting nothing inside them survive. Worryingly, an epidemic of breathing problems has broken out in our children. This can’t continue. We must act before it is too late.


Habitats are being trampled and the Flying Rivers of Mist are being poisoned, murdering fishes.We mustn’t allow this state of affairs to continue as it is necessary that we put ourselves together to protect this paradise. No-one but a fool would overlook this situation. I urge you to stand with us in this battle to save this unique island. Remember:


‘One drop can form an ocean.’

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