Do you Want to Save the Island of Sacred Spirits?

Alarmingly, we have to address all of our problems with the island. We have a lot of problems such as pollution, woodworks and much more. Do you want to save the sacred island? Join us today, read on to join.



Guess what went wrong? I’ll tell you what deforestation. Deforestation is a very big problem getting HUGE, this needs to stop. Getting rid of spirit fields full of spirit-blooms is decreasing Ghost-drake’s food supplies in Grogre berries are pushing them to the brink of extinction just for a little expanded piece of land.



Can you believe that people dump trash in the sea it’s crucial that the people of this island help to save the fish. The exotic Bloomacuda is at risk of getting forgotten this is very bad because if people don’t feed the sacred fish some seeds nothing will grow. Help feed the fish to make it go to grow.



We must help the ecosystem but the big billion dollar companies are holding us back, they’re the ones that make those vile and toxic fumes. Keep on making all the portal-cars go on ruin all the ecosystem while we’re helping nature make the cars that blow out the vile gases. We need to stop this now join us now those big-bosses and companies think they can end us, help now to get rid of pollution.


Now that you know all of this will you rise to the greater challenge and join our island to end the bad to grow back the good.

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