help my island

21/10/2021 —-22/10/2021 

What’s happening to my beautiful big bright island?

It’s very alarming of what’s happening to my island. It’s also very alarming of what’s happening to my people! Every single invader that’s come here has brought chaos anger and very vile actions. How can I as chief stand for these horrible acts of destruction, they won’t listen to what I have to say so maybe with more voices we can stop their troubling ways.


Our Animals

Almost all our animals are either in captivity, being driven away or sadly dead, it’s just spine chilling that children aren’t getting enough food yet those irritating intruders are living it up wasting precious nutrients that should be for our infants! This cannot go on, if they can waste food they certainly can share it. I have reason to believe that they have been stealing my tribes source of strength (food) and torturing animals with it while holding them hostage. Do you really think that’s fair? Well I for one certainly do not!



My people are being driven away from their homes, and do you want to know why? It’s because of those filthy newcomers. They’re using atrocious pieces of machinery scooping trees, crops, habitats and the huts my people call home. It’s very troubling to see beggars lying on the dusty filthy streets. Those gold-                           diggers are building things that will only help for their own wellbeing, if they’re building anything, they should be building a homeless centre. Should we really be driven away from our own island?

Air Pollution
Our savage neighbours have many dangerous machines that cause smoke and

a lot of coughing, but there is a peculiar device they use to make your throat and nose scrreeeaamm, some sort of tobacco tube they call ci-g-a-ret. It’s a menacing device indeed and it makes our infants very inadequate.


It really would be a tragedy if my perfect piece of land had to come to a horrific end. So please with your voice you could save my island.

Thank You

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