It’s hard to imagine a world without Dreamland.Unfortunately,it is being damaged by illegal causes and is under impending doom because of this.Will you answer the call and help to save Dreamland?


The endangered Ocean Crystal Flower is vital to the people who live there because it’s golden pollen tastes absolutely stunning and it’s emerald leaves provide a balanced diet of protein and carbohydrates.However,this phenomenal flower has been pushed to the edge of extinction by illegal harvesting.


Furthermore, the wood of Star Trees has been cut down by aliens from another planet who want to take it’s extremely valuable sap and mix it with magical pixie dust to make a type of evil potion!


In addition,Dreamland is under threat of pollution.Visitors are leaving huge amounts of rubbish discarded on the lovely beaches and riversides.Rare Rainbow Roosters and flying cats are accidentally eating this mess and getting very sick.You need to act now.


If we don’t help now, this will lead to catastrophic consequences in Dreamland.All of the species will die out and the people who live there will be left with nothing-no food, no clean water and no homes.


If you want to help, come to Dreamland and speak to the candy queen.Remember, you can make a difference.

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