Persuasion text by Yusuf

It’s hard to imagine a world without The Island of Leaville. Sadly, The Island of Leaville is facing bizarre danger and without your urgent help the animals and people will have to leave their homes and habitats and may even die. Will you answer the call to help the Island of Leaville?

The glorious flower, The Runge Flower that only grows on the land of Leaville is vital to the people and animals on the Island of Leaville. The beautiful blue dot on the centre of the petals gives away a lovely aroma in the air. It also provides nutrients to keep everyone well nourished.

However this glorious flower is in danger of being extinct unfortunately because of illegal harvesting happening in the Island of Leaville. This sacred flower is part of the culture of the people of Leaville that goes down centuries and it could be extinct in a few years. However you could stop that from happening.


Furthermore, the trees of Hilmore Forest are some of the oldest trees in the world. These wonderful trees are a vital part of the culture in the Land of Leaville. Unfortunately these stunning trees are slowly dying out because of illegal logging happening in the Land of Leaville. The wood that belongs to the trees of Hilmore Forest are being sold to other planets and galaxies and thieves are making fortunes from wood that the Land of Leaville rightfully own and part of the Leaville culture is unhappily dying.

In addition, the fabulous Land of Leaville is in serious threat of lethal pollution that gives newborns and young children unbearable lung problems which could sadly cause death to these innocent little children. However you could stop that and save hundreds of little children.

Sadly, there is a global warming causing catastrophic consequences to the precious animals of Leaville because it is destroying habitats. This cannot be allowed to continue. Together we have to take action before it is too late and all the animals could potentially be killed if we don’t work together.

Everything is being destroyed including habitats and forests. This cannot be allowed to continue and immediate action must be taken. I urge you to join the fight against all these problems our island is facing. Remember you could save a life and our wonderful Island of Leaville.

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