The strange island

It’s hard to imagine a world without an island that is different from the rest and quite strange. The strange island. The island is under immediate danger because some careless people are cutting down the amazing trees, harvesting the plants and killing the animals.


The beautiful Moon tree is grey and white but at night (around 9:00pm) it starts floating. The moon tree provides lots of air and the leaves are edible and good for you. But illegal logging companies are cutting them down


In addition, the strange island is under threat and here’s even more proof. There putting poisinous food on the ground, killing the rare Dougle (half DoDo half eagle). and they are polluting the ocean killing the rock frogs.


An overuse of oil from cars is creating acid rain, terminating all the special plants. Alarmingly, air pollution is starting to begin and creating breathing problems and actually damaging the careless people. But it is killing innocent people so we need to act fast.


In conclusion, the island is getting destroyed, ruining habitats, killing animals and creating pollution. We need to act fast and stop them destroying the island. Will you help us?  

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