Mysterious Island

It’s hard to imagine a world without The Mysterious Island. Alarmingly, The Mysterious Island is in constant danger from the bad pollution from the island’s people. Will you step up to the challenge and save The Mysterious Island from being nonexistent?


Horribly,the lovely talking trees are slowly becoming extinct because of people killing the gorgeous trees that have been saving lives for millions of years,from their magnificent sap that makes medicine that heals almost instantly no matter what injury it is.


Furthermore,the horrifying state we are living in from people hunting our animals are now on the edge to all the animals being in heaven. They have hunted animals such as scorpiant just for their tail so they can use their venom to kill other animals .Even though,they have killed animals for them to eat and animals that might try to kill the humans.


We must stop killing our other creatures that provide the best for people we need to stop throuing our rubbish around thinking it won’t kill our rare moving foods that can make wishes and do magic to make people from the dead become a new thing in the world, not an old.We can not allow for our island to be polluted and start to wipe out quarters and even halves of the island.


How can you people put so much poison in the water to kill it least 200 fish a day?When the fish make funny jokes,they make you laugh every time.They swim past you like an elegant dolphin.Why are you polluting so much of the environment?We can’t live with almost 150 trees being chopped down when they are giving us the oxygen that we need.If we don’t think fast  and save the island it will disappear.

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