Caring For A Young Cattle Cow.

Caring For A Young Cattle Cow.


Are you an owner of a cattle cow? Is it smaller than a glue stick? Well… not quite that small but small but the size of a pencil case. Well now put your feet up and close your eyes, charge at your stress and drift off to sleep.

You need a small bed, a teddy, bars around said small bed, stress toys and a gentle owner.




  1. Place the small bed in the corner of yours and secure the bars tightly, there fore it will not fall out of bed and hit its head.
  2. Introduce the teddy (or teddies) so it’s the happiest the cow could be.
  3. Offer stress toys such as stress balls stretchy bands etc., this results in a calm cow.
  4. Stroke its fur the right way not the wrong way otherwise it won’t be tame.
  5. Make sure it feels at home other wise it may charge into stuff or run away.
  6. Give it a name so it feels like part of the family and be tame.



One day you have to let it go into a zoo when it gets too big, but it will remember you.

When you go to the zoo, it’ll recognize you with all its love and joy.

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