The Snoctipus

How to Care for a Snoctipus

What you need: a large tank up to 18m, a waterproof cage at least 2m for your snoctipus to sleep in, a large supply of wool and place into the snoctipuses cage and then put it in the tank, chop up some fish and try really hard not to spill any then drop them in the tank finally a clear king sized water bottle and pour sea water into it but be aware if you don’t add salt into it every so often your pet will get cross.


Have you ever been given a pet snoctipus?

Will you ever wonder if anyone has already got one yet or felt its turquoise scales?


The search is over! Follow this guide and you’ll have it happy and happy in no time! And now I’ll make your wishes come true in no time.



1) First of all, go and fetch a large fish tank and pour warm fresh water into it.

2) Next, add a cage inside the tank bet before you do put some double sided sticky tape inside it and make sure it covers the whole cage top to bottom.

3) After that, go and get a large supply of wool to make a bed and then place it into your pet’s cage carefully and keep it in the same spot.

4) Run off, and slice up some medium sized fish and be careful not to spill any.

5) Quickly, find a clear water bottle with sea water in it that has to come straight from the sea, and every so often add a little bit of salt into it, and that’s all you have to do because now you’ll be sorted out to have a lovely life with your pet snoctipus.

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