How to look after a baby Phoenix


Have you ever wondered how to feed a baby Phoenix?

Would you like to rock a baby Phoenix to sleep?

Well your search is over!

Follow these rules and you’ll get a kind, healthy and fit pet.

You will need: watery leaves and rain juice, a comfy mattress, flower pjs and plenty of wood.



First, collect watery leaves and rain juice for the baby Phoenix to eat since she will get hungry especially when she has had a long sleep.


Next, Build wooden walls so she can get used to it other wise she will be upset that she is not at home.


Then, grab a hose to wash the dirt from her trip so her bed won’t get mucky.


Also, make her flower pjs to wear at night so that she feels comfy in the night.


After that, Place a mattress on the wooden floor therefore the Phoenix won’t get cold.

Later on, set her by the tv and let the Phoenix pick the movie or she might be angry and she could leave.


Finally, take her to bed and sing a calm song to put her to sleep because the baby Phoenix needs her rest after a long day.



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