how to look after a christmas elf


How to look after a Christmas elf

Has a stranger offered you a rather special Christmas elf? Do you know how you are going to look after this tremendous creature? Tip-toe your worries away. Jot these instructions down and your Christmas dream will start to come true.


You will need: A pointy hat, soft Christmas bedding, elderflower drink, Christmas pudding, toys and wrapping paper




First put a pointy hat on your amazing Christmas elf to make it look really smart and Christmassy. The reason your elf needs to look smart is if your elf looks smart is that it needs to look very reliable.


Next yell ghoulishly at your elf but only do it if it wants elderflower. Although that is not always the case as not all elves like elderflower. In this case, just give them water.


Then gain your Christmas elf bedding as elves randomly pick a part of the day to sleep.


Also, un-ravel your Christmas pudding from its wrapping to give to your elf, as elves favourite food is Christmas pudding.


Finally, pull-out toys and Christmas wrapping, The reason being is that Santa will only take useful elves.



This may be the hardest part of having a pet elf. When your pet elf starts not wanting to sleep or drink. However, they will return back to the north pole safely and help Santa with Christmas and maybe they might just leave you a very special something in your stocking.





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