how to care for a baby snow owl

How to Care for a Baby Snow Owl

What you need: frozen caramel wafers, freezing cold water, a 6m cage, a snow machine and a white, fluffy heart-shaped pillow.

Have you ever asked for a baby snow owl for your birthday? Are you wondering what it is like to own a pet owl? Let your worries fly away! Follow these steps and your pet owl will be happy and healthy and you will have fun and enjoy it.



  1. First, fetch the snow machine and place it cautiously in your winter land otherwise your snow owl will escape through a tiny gap in a window.


  1. Next, freeze a few caramel wafers in the freezer. As a result, they might be so cold they could give you a brain freeze.


  1. Then, grab your 6m cage and carefully position it in the corner because your pet might want a nap in the cage.


  1. Also, create a warm space using white, fluffy heart-shaped pillows as your pet owl will probably be very tired and fancy a nap.


  1. After that, pour a lot of water into a massive container so your pet owl can have a sip whenever he wants.


  1. Later on, collect some leaves and paint them white and grey so that it looks like it has snowed inside.


  1. Finally, make sure you have some trees that have lots of branches. This means that your owl will be able to rest on it.


Snow owls are lovely pets to have but they will grow up and have beady eyes and become more alert. When this happens, they will know they are not where they live and might be scared. When you fall asleep they will leave your house, but if you keep them clean and they still felt warm inside, they could come and visit you from time to time.

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