Cogheart, prologue and chapter one

Worried, Artie stared anxiously out of Phoenix’s window, watching the other airship crawling closer. He watched in horror, as the ships harpoons came into sight, like they were coming and going. He heard the sound of canons, being fired like a gun, but much worse. He could smell the burning canons like a steaming fire. Artie’s eyes met Johns. “By all that ticks and tocks John, humans before Mechanimals, – now jump!”

Chapter 1
Frantically pushing the front door open, trying not to make a sound, Anna Rosemary, (once again) peered round, just to check she was not being watched before escaping the all despised ‘Rose Goodmanner Prisonell’s Academy for girls.’ She ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Stopping for a breath by a stable near the village, Anna opened her letter for the hundredth time, and read it.

The last words in the letter still puzzled her, no matter how many times she read it the words were still no different. Keep it closed, the past will hurt. She would be awake all night trying to figure it out, does it lead to fathers disappearance or even mothers death. All of a sudden there was a rustle in the bushes, maybe someone really had followed her from the academy. Then Anna heard a familiar snuffle, it was Artie her mechanimal fox. ” Well you took a tocking long time get here, now come on, wind me up”. Anna reluctantly wound him up and he was ready. “Now lets go home” she said.

The next morning, Edward was amazed to to see Anna and Artie standing in Meadows lane outside Smiths jewellery Hororlogist’s.
“Your mothers locket, of course” he said. “That’s why your here”
“Yes.” Anna sighed.
The locket was her only memory of her mum since she died, apart from her own memory. Anna had fiddled with it during lessons at the Academy, when really, she was supposed to be listening. She would glide her fingers over the rough surface of the engraved locket – it would feel ancient and mystical like a old legend. “Sorry” Edward murmured, staring at the ground.

“Yes, I think Edward’s right.” Stated Artie to Anna ” We must not waste any more time. We need to catch the train back to Buckwood Manor, before those bad mannered stealing scallywags lay their grubby paws on that locket!”

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