The Letter

Levi gazed out of the Swan’s frosted window as the black airship creeped closer. He noticed the ships harpoons shining in the sunlight like bronze arrows ready for action. Levi heard the roar of the canons firing bullets that travelled as far as two miles. He sensed the burning gas as a fire caught hold of the airship as sharp as acid. Perching next to his mistress, Levi was terrified as was Emily Mail. Levi barked,
“By all that ticks Emily it’s time for you to jump! Humans before mechanimals!”

Chapter 1: The Letter
Shoving the back door of St Gates Academy for Girls, Rosie Mail peered across the field. No one could be seen, so that meant that this was a good opportunity to try and escape from this dreadful place. She ran as fast as she could to get a big run up to climb the overlooking fence that surrounded the school. She’d nearly reached the top when she slipped but luckily landed the other side of the fence in a big pile of leaves. She sighed and crouched down by a tree. A crumpled piece of paper fell out of her coat pocket.

Once again, Rosie opened the brown letter. Suddenly, her relief turned into sadness and her sadness turned into tears. The letter was about her mum in the airship. She read through some of the terrible news that wasn’t too upsetting. Weird memories enclosed her. She remembered her mother saying to her “Choose wisely but don’t read the rings.” This puzzled Rosie but she still believed it would be some use to her in the future.

At that moment something creeped out of behind the tree. Rosie shivered. “Hello? Who’s there?” Rosie shouted. Just then it came out of it’s hiding place. Of course. It was Levi. He came running up to Rosie with a tired looking face, ” Rosie please could you wind me up I’ve been running away from those scallywags and most of my tics and tocks have run out!” Rosie smiled and started to wind him up with all of her strength. She stood up and gave Levi’s floppy ears a little stroke. Then Rosie just double checked him in case of any injuries. He was in fine form.

On that same day, Liam was surprised to see Rosie and Levi walking down the street towards him.
“Brother! Brother! We’re coming” Explained Rosie. Her legs were going as fast as they could which Liam thought would fall of! Liam frowned. “What’s up little sis?”
“Have you heard the news about mum?” Murmured Rosie.
“Yes! She has finally got her airship up and flying!” Exclaimed Liam.
“No. Baddies attacked her.” Rosie looked down. Liam couldn’t believe it. Suddenly, he realized about her special jewellery box. He told Rosie how their mother always mentioned about how to keep keep it safe from very bad people. Liam and Rosie had a great idea and somehow Levi knew it too.

“It’s the only option we have. We must get back to Evening Falls to rescue that Jewellery box!” Exclaimed Levi. Everyone agreed that they would get a train three hours before morning and hope that the baddies would not be there!

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