Chapter 1 The Painting By Ava SWW

Rolo gazed out of the Eagle Views window as the Lady airship sped towards them. He saw the ladies on the ship pull out harpoon guns that shone in the bright sun like a valuable piece of gold, and looked like they were ready to attack. Quickly, Rolo’s ears pointed at the bang of loud canons. He sneezed at the familiar smell of burning wood that ran up his nose. Turning to the captain Stone, Rolo stood on 4 legs and walked the exit and waited for captain Stone to follow. Rolo barked ” Captain, come on all ready, its time you jump! Humans before mechanimals!”

Chapter 1 The Painting
Pulling the upstairs door of Tide Orphanage, Ivy Stone scanned the small playground. Nobody was in sight so she quickly stepped outside into the freezing cold weather, placed her shoes on the slippery tree and heavily jumped into a pile of wet leaves on the muddy grass. Without thinking, she ran to the old rusty gates and pulled her hair clip from her hair. After a few minutes of attempting to pick the lock she finally pushed the bulky gates open and entered freedom. She took her off her jumper and laid it on the slippery concrete and sat down against the wall to take a breath.

Once again Ivy carefully put her hand in her coat pocket and rummaged around for her father’s letter. She pulled out the letter and an empty chocolate rapper came out with it. Slowly, she read through the terrible news. Her Father, Miles Stone, had gone missing on his airship adventure. His airship, Eagle view, had been destroyed. The last words had been very strange, ” Keep your ideas flowing.” She hadn’t slept for many nights. Mostly every night she read through the letter in the laundry room until the sun came up. No matter how many times she read it she had no idea what it meant.

A few moments later, Ivy heard a distinctive yap and a familiar face that appeared from behind a parked car.
“Well it took you a ticking long time to get out of that prison!” Rolo snapped whilst shaking off crunchy leaves, “It took you so long that I thought you actually wanted to stay in that dreadful place. Now come on, give me a wind up. You know it takes a lot of energy to escape from those criminals!” Shouted Rolo.
“Rolo keep quiet or Madame Elizabeth will hear! I don’t want to go back in that terrible place do I. I am so shocked that you survived the crash!” Ivy whispered.
She smiled whilst winding up Rolo. His golden fur was covered in dirt from the crash and it looked like he was a brown dog! Other than a few sneezes Rolo was his grumpy but jolly self!

Later in the afternoon, Jack was surprised to see Ivy and Rolo lent against the wall of Lancaster art gallery. “Your mums priceless painting.” he said whilst placing his hand on her shoulder.
“Yes it is sadly.” she answered.
The painting was something that her mother painted for her when she was younger. Ivy kept it on her wall up to the age of 8. She was sent to Tide Orphanage when her mother died because her father was on airship adventures exploring the world. Sadly, the painting was the one thing that she couldn’t bring. Now the painting is wanted in many places. For many nights Ivy stayed awake and admired the colourful painting. A majestic parrot and a girl that looked just like Ivy was painted on it. She thought that it was crazy that she remembered every detail on it. Sadness grew inside of her and Jack could tell.
“Sorry Ivy.” he muttered whilst wrapping his arm around her.

Rolo yapped, “We have no time, come on already lets get on our way to Lancaster Manner!”
“But there are no trains!” Jack exclaimed.
Jack and Ivy stared at each other. A train was the only way that they could get there.
“I have another way.” Barked Rolo

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