The book

Buddy gazed out of the window as the Star Ship came in for a landing. Loudly, Buddy barked as he saw the danger out of nowhere as the mechanicals came rushing down. We could not tell if the Star Ships were going to hit or not. He could see his mum pointing at Buddy’s special book that was in the house from across the ship. Slowly, he heard her shouting “the book the book” The book was as special as his life he could never give it away. Buddy barked and barked at the captain to stop to get the book. But he did not know what to do!

Chapter 1
Secretly, Poppy Smith at Octavia Dogood’s school kicked open the door and she knew that Buddy and her mum was in danger. She looked around for an easy way to escape. Standing around, she could here footsteps. “click clack click clack”. It was the teachers! Poppy climbed up a tree as fast as she could. They went back in. Poppy rushed down the tree trying not to hurt herself. She found her self in a bunch leaves with a crumbled piece of paper from her teachers pocket. Poppy opened it.

Poppy’s eyes filled up with tears. She rushed back up the tree and did a heavy landing over the gate. Her mums Air Ship had been destroyed with her and Buddy on it. But the last words were weird ” Stay smart” She did not know what that meant. It was kind of weird. Mum never said that to her. Maybe something was wrong. What if mum and Buddy are still alive! But she was not going to get her hopes up.

A few minutes past, Poppy was still sat in the leaves crying. She decided go home and see what was this was all about . “snap went a stick” “crunch went the leaves. Poppy was sad, mad and nervous. Everybody was inside. Poppy felt all alone. In a bush, Poppy noticed a familiar face out of nowhere.” Is that Buddy. She thought Buddy was gone. Surprisingly, it was Buddy. “Buddy” she screamed. Buddy came running up to Poppy barking. ” I thought you were stuck in the air ship with mum” Poppy said. You look the same as your grumpy old self. Buddy frowned.” Ok come on lets go home.

Later that afternoon, Noah was happy to see Poppy. After a very long day. She walked in with her muddy scuffed up shoes that have left over leaves on. Poppy was tired, so she sat on the table with Noah.
“Look its your mums necklace” Said Noah
“Ah yes” Poppy sighed. Poppy crossed her arms. Buddy came in with his soggy muddy paws and sat on the floor. It did not look, that Buddy remembered who Noah was. I knew that Buddy would never no that mum was gone. Poppy has lost her real mum before and now she has lost her foster mum. Noah felt bad.

Buddy yapped. “Right lets go get this book” Noah said ” No time to lose” he carried on. They had to go to Bracken bridge Manor! Before somebody else gets there hands on your mums favourite book. “Lets go!” Said Poppy!

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