Sky ship adventure Esme SWW

Dark horn glared out of the Dark Lights window as the deep coloured airship creeped toward us. She saw the ships harpoons glinting in the sunlight as if it was a diamond that has just been polished. She heard the shouts of people and canons firing buckshot’s, like dragon’s breath. She sensed the fire as smoke waved past her face, as sharp as a lemon. Spinning around to her master Dark Horn howled, “by all that ticks Mava, it is time to jump! Humans before mechanimals.”

Chapter 1
Smashing, the backdoor of The Boarding School for Young Girls, Samantha Myers ran to the front of the school where she found a horse, she ran to the tack room grabbed tack ran back , tacked it up, jumped on and bolted. She looked behind. No one was in sight. She slowed down the horse being sure she was far away from the school.

Finally, Samantha opened the old crumbled letter, that she hadn’t read in 3 weeks. She was excited to read it again, but she did not have much time before they figured out she had ran away, but this is what it said, ” Open your heart”.

As night came around, Samantha heard the patter of paws and hid behind a tree, face only just peeking out and when the animal came into the moonlight to howl she realised that it was Dark Horn and reveled herself from behind the tree ” You took your sweet time getting out of there I was starting to think you actually liked it there” ” if you think I like it there then you are hallucinating” Dark Horn broke a smile, Samantha smiled back

Walking into pinchers ally Harold was exited for them to be there, seeing as they are brother and sister. “What are you doing here” “your supposed to be at school” Harold said
” I snuck away” Samantha replied cheeks red. He frowned. ” We need help were going to look for the locket” said Samantha. Harold froze. “You mean mum’s locket” he said with surprise. Samantha looked at her feet. “sorry” he said.

“He’s right”, howled Dark Horn no time to lose we have to catch 9:00am train to London and begin the search before some scallywags tries to lay his grubby hands on that locket.

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