Good luck Barny Buster SWW

Shocked, Maddie stared out of the window. She watched them get closer. Soon enough The Thunderstorm airship was right on top of them, making them a shadow. David wouldn’t take his eyes off them. All of a sudden, their enemy’s windows shattered. He thought they had a chance of winning but there was a reason why canons came out at a speed, then fired. When the cannons fired it sounded like a building had been bombed! After that Millie shivered in fright saying, “Can you smell smoke?” Straight after that she started malfunctioning. They searched for fire. That is when they heard a voice saying, “Surrender, you will never win!”

Chapter 1
Slowly Barney crept up the steps, as his horrible foster mother slept on the sofa. He knew that his plan would work as he had tried to escape for years but he had been too late and if he had been caught the windows would be locked up and his plan would be destroyed. He had made it up the stairs. But he still had to make it past Karen’s daughters. He opened the door to the daughter’s room and they were asleep, snoring. He opened the window and threw a rope down that was made out of clothes, he had been working on this plan for months and he knew that it was his last day in that house. Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from downstairs. Then they were louder. Then louder. They were coming up the stairs! As fast as he could, he tied the rope of clothes to the old birch tree then got out of the window. He was holding on to the window so it shut. He didn’t want to get spotted, he ducked but then he fell! At the last second he caught the rope. He was safe.

He hid in a tunnel down in the playground, gasping for breath. He had the mail in his hand that he swore had his name on. He opened the letter cautiously not knowing what was inside it. But it was not scary it was sad, sadder than anything else in the world. He burst into tears. All the children stared at him and backed away. Upset, he read it again to check if what he had read the first time was true, but unfortunately it was, they were dead. But there was something saying don’t let your ancestors down. Barney didn’t know what that meant until he thought really hard about what his past then he remembered what his dad had said to him, “This is your ancestor’s ring above the fire place. You must wear it so don’t let them down or they will haunt you.”

Barney was still sulking in the tunnel for a quarter of a hour until the stone next to him bobbed up and down he shivered and pocked his head out everybody had ran away he gingerly crept to the gate and then a horse was there frozen in a galloping position. Barney stared at it. It was one of his father creations that was on the sky ship with him but he needed to be wineded up by the tail. So he immediately wineded up old rusty. Soon as the he woke up Barney bombarded him with questions, “Where are my parents? How did you survive? What happened?” Old rusty started to look confused
Then he started talking saying,
“The air ship went down with everyone on it I saved your father but then I got bombed, and my wing is broken, I had your father on my back but he fell off if you get on my back you can ride me back home.”
Barney hopped on dropped his letter. Old rusty saw the note, sighed and trotted off into the trees.

When they were in the the woods they heard footsteps but they were not theirs Old Rusty immediately stopped and listened. They kept going then stopped a couple of seconds later. He stared around suddenly Old rusty saw people staring at them in cameo flash he pretended to not notice and whispered,
“Hold on tight.” Confused barney done as he was told.
“Ready?” Old rusty mumbled. Barney nodded then as fast as Old rusty could he galloped. Barney looked back seeing the people blaming at one another.

A couple of minutes later Barney and Old rusty had luckily they had lost them. They were galloping along a ploughed field, but there was a hedge ahead! Old rusty jumped the hedge like it was a pole. When they were in mid-air Barney saw home. Auto Manner. When they landed Old rusty flipped and they both tumbled to the ground. Straight away Barney searched for Old rusty. He found them in a dich quite fast because of the scratching the side of the metal horse he wound Old rusty up. Soon enough they were home Old rusty kicked the door until it someone answered they door slowly answered.

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