Prologue and chapter 1 – The beginning

Maddy stared out of the window and fixed her eyes on two tiny dots in the sky. She saw a glint of two airships about to crash. She hoped that this wasn’t her mothers airship. She smelt the scent of the engine from the airship crawl up her nose. Aboard the airship, turning to his master, Audrey moaned, “Come on Thai, jump! Its not that hard, just do it!”

Chapter 1
Pushing the door stealthily, Maddy peered across the playground. No one was in her vision so she made a run for it. Her fingers were trembling and she nearly tripped over her own feet. She needed to climb over the fence to succeed. Maddy made sure no one was in sight of her before climbing. Her hands grasped the fence but she misplaced her foot. She quickly placed her other foot on the fence and jumped over. Taking a deep breath, she hid behind the bush and sat on a pile of leaves. She took a crumpled bit of paper from her pocket and revealed information that was going to change her life forever.

For the fifth time, she opened the letter and read it again. Her mother, Audrey Beckett, had had an airship crash and she could possibly be dead. Her last words to Maddy were a bit strange, “Make sure you save your charm.” For nights and nights she would always think about what it ment. It must have ment something, and something pretty important.

At the second, she heard a yap coming from where she was stood. “By all my charms you took forever to get out of that awful place,” Said Thai. “Those stupid scallywags in that school will have no chance of finding you!” Thai gave Maddy a nudge. “Give me a turn from my back please? You’ll be a charm!” Maddy smiled. His brunette fur tickled my back although there was a bit of damage. It was probably from the airship crash but he seemed fine so I shouldn’t ask him.

Maddy and Thai walked into the alley, but Aiden was not expecting to see them. “Ah, its your mothers bracelet!” Maddy went silent. It brought back so many memories because now her mother could have possibly died. For years and years she would always sneak in her mothers bedroom at night so she could look at the charms one by one. It gave her this extra booster to try new things. Gradually, as her mum kept adding to her bracelet, it would give Maddy so much energy! There were different types of charms: crowns; leaves; animals and loads more. She tried to hold back tears, took a big gulp and carried on. “Sorry, you know, I didn’t mean to mention about your mother.” said Aiden. Maddy looked up at him, “Its ok its not your fault.”

“Well, we’ve got no time to loose, we need to go to your house Maddy.” said Thai, scratching his ear.
“I’m pretty sure my mum kept it in a glittery red box in her bedside table drawer.” exclaimed Maddy. Aiden wanted to join into the action, “Well lets go then!”

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