prologue and chapter 1

Samsax started to gaze out of the Cog Meca window of airship and saw glimmering spears like bows darting at the corner or his eye he heard the spears crashing into the wood of the airship. He sensed already fired bombs of smoke tuning to his master Lets get moving Samsax shouted come on its time to jump humans before mechanicals lets just go andy.

Chapter 1
Pulling the school door open and peering,outside to make sure the coast was clear, Katelin sneakily ran across All Girls Sensible School playground to the hole in the fence, which to freedom. She sprinted down Everly Lane towards the park, stopping at the metal bench to catch her breath. Katelin felt for the crumpled paper in her pocket.

Katalin took the letter from her pocket, unfolded carefully it and read it through. A tear slipped down her cheek. Andy, her father, was missing after his airship crashed. She thought a lot about his last words to her ” feel a flutter on your hand”, but she didn’t understand them.

At that moment she heard a ruffle in the bushes and a loud growl that was familiar to her.
“Give me a good old wind up won’t you I’ve lost a lot of energy escaping from those scallywags”
Katelin grinned and wound up Samsax, he gave a low purr of satisfaction .

Later that day Samsax and Katelin were in Cog Alley with Robby.” Of course your that’s your mums locket that’s defiantly it” Robby said as he handed the letter back. Katelin sadly nodded her head, her mum had given her the precious locket a few years before.

“Right, quick, no time to lose”, yapped Samsax, We need to go over to Meadowood Bridge Museum before those others get there grubby paws on locket

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