Cogheart rewrite by Vienna SWW

Prologue Light Course, gazed out of the Rambo’s window as the golden airship neared closer and closer. He noticed the ships harpoons shining in the sunlight like a newly polished silver plate, ready for action. Suddenly, he heard the roaring of harpoons being fired all around him like a lions growl. The smell of burning gas rushed up his nose as fire flared nearby, he froze with fear. Turning to his master, Light Course barked,” By all that ticks Leo it is time for you to leap! Humans before mechanicals!”

Chapter 1 Slamming the backdoor of Kathrin Begood’s Boarding School, Jessy Harkness sprinted across the playground. No one was in sight so she made a great big racket and mess, turning over all the play equipment. Suddenly, a teacher came out gawping at the mess, Jessy started to run as fast as she could with the teacher hot on her trail. Would she get caught again? Jessy started to climb the school fence as fast as she could. Her hands shaking with fear. Luckily, the teacher could not climb the wire fence instead she went to get the headmistress. Jessy used this time to jump down the fence and run to the woods. Thinking of ways it could have be quicker to escape, she started to listen to the wind, the dripping rain and her black boot’s, squelching in the mud. She found a rather large tree and crouched down behind it.

Reaching into her pocket, Jessy found the familiar crunch of paper. She tensed up in pain reading the letter mouthing each word. She hated reading it but she kept doing it, the dreaded news. Her father, Leo Harkness, was reported missing and his beloved airship, The Rambo destroyed! His last words echoed in Jessy’s head, “Open up and let the past and future reveal.” Many times she had sat on her bed wondering what all this means. Could something worse happen?

Suddenly, there was a squelch and a snap, Jessy span around with a petrified face, Light course came striding out from behind a bush with a smug face on. ” You took a ticking long time to get out of school I expected better from you!” exclaimed Light course, ” Stop telling me off your not my dad!” replied Jessy. ” Just wind me up, not need for a tantrum,” Jessy glared at him and reluctantly wound him up” I used up a lot of energy running from those scallywags.” Light course gave smile of satisfaction as Jessy gave him one more wined. Jessy examined Light course’s white and brown fur and his lightly scorched droopy ears, he had no severe damage, Jessy gave a sigh of relief.

That evening, Jack was amazed to see Jessy and Light Course standing drenched and cold in Golden Alley , Jessy stood there and looked grumpy and sassy as usual. Light Course barked at the top of his lung’s and Jack took his focus back to Jessy.” It means your mum’s locket how did you not work that out,” Jessy elbowed Jack to cut him off because he nearly called her stupid! Jessy remembered the locket her mum used to always wear. It had been passed down the generations of the family, there was a jet black stone inside but a picture of the all the generations of the family where hidden inside the gem. Last time she saw the gem it was on her mums bedside table, before she- Jessy stopped her self from the thought it was too hard to think about her mum.

” He could be right!” Yapped Light Course then carried on to nibble Jack’s shoe. “We need to find a way to get back to Woodcote Manor and get there before some dirty scallywag get there hands on that locket,” exclaimed Jack.

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