Prologue and chapter 1 of Lincon’s story by Axel SWW

Linconsens glared out of the Floating Tombs window as it got closer to the ground getting ready to drop bombs. He saw an anti-aircraft gun getting loaded and ready to fire, it looked like an ant from high up in the air. He heard a gunshot from near by, a cannon from the back of the airship, it sounded like it was right beside him. John sensed someone was coming, he heard footsteps getting closer and closer. Running down the fuselage, he locked himself in the bathroom until he heard the footsteps go past. Linconsens roared “Its not mechanicals that go first its humans, so John, hurry up and jump!”

Chapter 1
Sneaking round the corner, Lincon Wilshire glared at a nine year old child. When he had left, Lincon hurried to the nearest bush and he crept behind it. The bell rung and everybody except him went in. The teacher, Mrs Willene, just kept on going into the classroom. It was his chance. He ran to the tallest tree in his playground, it was also a low wall. He jumped off the tallest tree branch onto a conveniently placed trampoline. He bounced off it onto the concrete path and scuffed his knee, “Oh well at least its not a broken bone” he muttered to himself.

He pulled out a scruffy piece of paper that his gran had given to him before she died, he looked confused, it was different. There were co-ordinates this time, yesterday it was names. Lincon sat down and leaned on the nearest tree. Now it was letters and numbers, “What’s going on!” He shouted. Not knowing he said it out loud.

Later that day he heard a squealing sound that came from where he had just walked past. A familiar face quietly sneaked past his eyes. “You took your tocking time!” Wailed Linconsens. A Uniger flew past them whilst they were talking. “Crikey, he’s fast” exclaimed Lincon. They jogged off until they gave up trying to find his dad.

“No time to lose” Suggested Jim. We need to take an airship, “Hopefully a person will pick us up” exclaimed Linconsens, we need to get to pleasant park. A few hours later the paper changed, it was now numbers. They cracked the code. “Its my nanas house!”

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