The Middle Of Nowhere

Layla and Jade were best sisters they loved doing mischievous things so they thought sneaking out in the middle of the night. The girls woke up at 11:49 and jumped out the window. Suddenly they got caught by their nana.

Chapter 1:
While walking back home Jade saw something in the tree she thought it was a cat but it wasn’t , she thought it was a phone but no it it was a photography camera but it was different. It had a picture sticking out of it and the picture look like Layla’s and Jade’s granny and grandpa , “ Layla look it’s granny and grandpa !” , said Jade.

Then Jade looked back at the tree but it looked like she was somewhere else, somewhere Familiar like she was at her parents house then she heard a voice…

2 Responses to “The Middle Of Nowhere”

  1. The ending is brilliant!
    What happens next?
    You can specify what type of tree it is but overall it is really good!

  2. This was really interesting.I like how you said they were mischievous.You could add a question.

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