Dear Diary…. by Buster SWW

Dear Diary,

Last night a brillant sight was seen. It all started when I was going on my walk with my golden labrador, who’s name is Spice. I was just walking at dusk and Spice wandered off trying to dig a huge branch out of the cold cobbles. I wandered away from her knowing that she would follow me if I go too far away.

By now the tide was coming in, with the roars of the strong water like it was alive. I knew that I had to hurry now since the water comes in alot faster than I think. As I got closer to the pier it got darker by the second, but as I knew the place inside out I was fine. I called Spice since she had been a long way away and she luckily came to me. It got dark quite fast so the huge magnificant lighthouse turned on and it seemed like the moon did with it.

I started to walk very close to the pier so I kept an eye on Spice since she runs off into the dark and it takes about 5 minues to find her. As we were about to walk under the grand pier, Spice stopped dead not daring to move. I went behind her and tried to push her fowards but she ignored me and just started to bark into the darkness of the pier. This confused m since she usally was desprate to go under. All of a sudden there was a thing right infrot of me I looked up to see a blinking and moving tower of pebbles! Once I saw it the lighthouse turned off then it clasped.

I ran as fast as I could! I turned around hoping to see that the thing went but it didn’t it was standing in the same spot as it was when we met. The thing lifted it’s arms and the pebbles started to fly. All of a sudden they started to all fly towards me. Thinking I was a gonner, I fell over a fossil and the pebbles expolded. That was the speed that they would have gone into me! I hid behind a rock and slowly peeked up, the thing went back into the darkness of the pier, probaly that thing was never going to be seen again.

As fast as I could I got my phone out and searched what is it. After about 30 seconds the website worked and then it said the thing has been extinct for over 2.6 million years! I wondered if there was others out there who was waiting to strike. Who knows?

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