The legend of the Malamander

Tonight, I took my two dogs, Buddy and Chunk, out on a walk on my favourite beach on the Isles of silly. The sun was low in the sky and the moon was getting higher, it was late but I didn’t turn back. I walked closer to the pier, when I got there I knelt down and let the dogs off their leads. Chunk ran off to find some crabs otherwise Buddy stayed with me. He didn’t look like running around so I put the lead back on him. I sat down and watched the sunset Buddy sat next to me. There was a particular rock in front of the sunset. The rock moved. I called for Chunk many times. He didn’t return. I stood up with Buddy and we ran to the end of the pier for a closer look but it wasn’t needed. The monster had been making his way towards us. I called Chunk one more time but this time he came. I looked around and realised that he didn’t come because I called, Buddy was now barking I put Chunk back on his lead and ran still pondering. Had I just seen the Malamander? were the legends true?

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