Monster diary Winnie SWW

Earlier this morning at sun rise the most spectacular thing happened. I was walking down the beach with Molly who was raiding the bins on the way to the beach. I was doing my daily walk over the rocky beach. I rewrapped my scarf up and pulled down my hat. The soothing sound of waves made my eye feel heavy. I watched a thin layer of fog steal the sunset.

Molly was sniffing around and trying to capture the waves in her jaw but she only did that when something was wrong. She bounded out of the water when I got the treats out of my pocket and ran further up the beach rolling in the rocks near the sea. Then her tail was straight and her bottom was wagging in the air.

I could here the weather take a turn for the worst. The fog started to get thicker and I could barely see Molly any more and the sea was getting stronger. I could feel foot steps up the rocks but I thought it was just Molly chasing her tail. But I was wrong someone was watching me or something.

Two eyes pierced a dark hole in my sole. Its scales shone in the morning sun and its spines on its back were black and it looked like a killer. It had a human like face and a dark mysterious smile. Its tail was hard and it was slapping against the waves. I took a step back. It smelt like rotting fish and burnt sea weed.

I called Molly and she trotted down towards me stumbling over the rocks hoping I would give her a treat. The scruff of her neck came up and she started bounce around and barking thinking it was a game. The monster backed away and I clipped Molly on the lead. The monster submerged into the water again and i wondered if I just saw a monster.

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