Dear Diary By Gracie SWW

Dear Diary,

Last night, I experienced the weirdest thing of all times. It all started when I was walking my dog Buddy along the beach. The windy waves nearly blew my hat off. Buddy spend most of his time figuring out what pebbles were. In the distance, you could see the waves clinging on the rocks not letting go. You could smell the seaweed from a mile away sat in the sea bored. I wanted to explore. I tightened my coat and carried on walking.

After walking for miles, we finally reached the pier. I’d never been there at the time. Buddy never moved except when I think he had fluff up his nose. Out of nowhere, thunder came clashing down affecting the pier. It was weird it was a bit windy but it had never been thunder there before.

Suddenly, a mysterious looking figure looked out from the sea. I wondered if I should get a closer look. I curiously headed towards it.

A very foggy little figure lifted its head out from the windy sea. Goosebumps went down my spine as Buddy barked and rapped himself around my leg. He kept disappearing and reappearing. There was nobody there. It was just me and Buddy. There was no people serving at Seagulls diner. There was no seagulls in the sky. It all faded to black. It felt not real like a dream.

A gooey black bubble dripped from his hand as he slowly walked out of the water. The thunder got bigger as he came towards me. The thunder was him. I froze in shock. Me and Buddy looked at each other. We had no idea what to think.

I ran. Buddy followed me not letting me out of sight. There was no shelter. I felt like my heart had dropped out of skin. I ran out of breath.

2 Responses to “Dear Diary By Gracie SWW”

  1. I loved the start can you add more impresive things mabe add more things that seem alive.

  2. I like how you said that you could smell the seaweed from miles away. Had the sun set? Next time why don’t you try more sentence starters.

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