The vile mermaid

It was a few warm winter’s weeks ago that the most incredible moment of my life happened. It was a normal day, you know, the sea was rough and people were laughing and chatting on the beach, I was taking my cocker spaniel for a stroll and a good old run. The pebbles were wet and the sand was sloppy and mud-like, the normal winter-beach trip. It was frosty and the sand stuck together like glue, I was wearing a pretty mellow-yellow coat and a cosy black beanie, the air felt fresh and the wind was whipping my hair into my face. While Bailey (my cocker spaniel) was running and dashing around the sand dunes like a lunatic I trotted towards the beach cafe and fancied myself a warm hot chocolate with extra cream and marshmallows.Hey, you can never be too old for a good old hot chocolate. 

It was getting late and the air was frosty and chilled, the evening moonlight was shimmering on the coast. The wind was whispering to the roaring ocean and as I got nearer to the beach cafe the scent of rotten fish and smoke filled my nostrils. Where was the smell coming from? I would have never known if Bailey didn’t bark. It was a low and deep growl that he gave and something slipped out of the sea. I only caught a glimpse but it looked like a mermaid with beetle black hair and alight red eyes. Her tail was glossy and shimmering but it was a deep purple, It fixed me with a glaring stare. I stood as still as a statue, it was the scariest moment of my life! Goosebumps prickled. Bailey stood by my side, fearless. The creature edged towards us. I braced myself and shut my eyes tight. As I opened them the creature was gone. A roar. A growl. A scream. The scream was mine. I could feel its sticky hands on my shoulders and hot breath on my neck. My hairs stood up in alert. As I turned around I was face to face with a dark face and glowing neon eyes. The creature stared into my soul and darkness swallowed me…

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