Diary Entry.

Diary Entry.


One evening I decided to take my friend’s dog out for a little walk along the beach. The name of the dog was Emmie. Emmie was a big german shepherd and she was very pretty. We decided to start heading towards Whitsand bay in the gloomy night.


We finally arrived at Whitsand bay and I let Emmie off the lead. She immediately started rummaging through bins and went for a swim. Moments later, she came running up to me, her tail between her legs. She hid behind me only for me to find why she was so scared.


A large, scaly creature arose from the dark water, growling and gurgling. Emmie eventually overcame her fear of the creature and snarled back. The monster seemed stunned and turned and went back to the water. Without looking behind me, me and Emmie ran home. Both of us were scared but my friend sat us both down and gave me a cup of hot chocolate and gave Emmie a treat and some water.

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