Sky-ship adventure

Sky ship adventure 

You’ve probably been on a airship when the crescent moon was showing. Remember how we launched the airship off a sky scraper while the crescent moon was showing? 

I bet you enjoyed building a bamboo house int the middle of the jungle.


Andrew launched the airship, then Tom raised the sails and set off into an adventure to hunt the wild. Then they were three black dragons planing to attack them to take the airship down. Tom was scared to see three black ferocious dragons with claws as sharp as knives and wings as big like a aero plane. Andrew and Tom were petrified, they had never seen such a big dragon.

The dragon dashed to wards them Andrew quickly streared them into an other direction. Tom took  a huge sign of relief, “thank goodness I streared the ship in time” said Andrew “ were so lucky” said Tom. The ship steared softly “ OH NO” screamed Tom I see the dragons again!

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