Sky ship adventure

Remember how it felt to have the ice cold breeze dancing through

your hair. You’ve probably been on an airship when the sky was the

perfect shade of sapphires blue and the clouds are as white as snow, the

sun was an enormous red fire ball and the blinding heat rays would shine on your soft skin, you would feel free as a bird.

I bet you’ve enjoyed spellbinding holidays before, when you would run

through the evergreen forest and swim over the luminous coral reef. But the main thing, best for last is when you can sit down and relax, knowing that you can lie down for weeks on end.

But you should also try when the summer breeze is as hot as coal fresh in the ceramic fire place and the clouds would be as clear as glass. When the storms would fade away with one blink of an eye.


The floor board creaked, the squeaked open. A faded black figure opens

the door waiting. Peeking out through the crack. Something or someone


Six thirty am he whispered. Standing on the icy railing. Five minutes later he found himself in a crimson berry bush, he fell of the clear glass balcony, he fell ten feet in the air. The berry’s bounced open staining his

snow white shirt, Kai glanced over the evergreen hills, peering down from the isolated island his aunt owned. Kai loved the way he could sit on his warm brown field and stared down at the village below.

Kai spotted something in the distance, it was a cream coloured blip Kai sprinted down the hill and sneaked in the the flying ship well almost getting caught twice, kai was fascinated by all the mother boards that controlled the airship, glowing lights, creaking levers and many more metal buttons. By the time he was finished staring in shock at all the equipment it was 6:30pm he need to get home quick or else he would be brutally punished for staying out to late he banged the door because the workers had locked the door for finishing up time. He heard a rustling coming from the end of the dark cold hall way. He saw a figure appear then fading in fear into the darkness…

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