TelleManders are now roaming most parts of Asia.The TelleMander eats most meats except for fish because of the fact that it is a fish and that would be illegal.Despite the fact that it is a fish it cannot breathe under water but can fly,which makes it hard to believe it is a species of fish.During recent studies they eat once a week and hunt twice to get enough food for the family.Predictions say they will form an army and take over the United Kingdom.

The TelleManders habitat is a thatch house in a grassland.Unlucky if you run into one they will rip you apart.It looks like a small steak with big green eyes and bone claws if your wondering what happens if the claws break well it grows them back.

They have been around for thousands of years it might be hard to believe but a great war started between TelleManders and humans we somehow won but only just.Around 1499 the TelleMander was spotted in Chorley.If your wondering why it is called the TelleMander well there was a great scientist called Alex Telles who made an experiment which tested the Malamanders strength against acid after he poured it on the TelleMander was born.Due to the amount of acid the whole body had a growth spurt and claws started to form it was then changed from a kind sea creature to a deranged animal.

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