The sabormandor by Zak Y6 SHCP

The Sabormandor.

The sabormandor is a wonderful creature placed on the beaches of Perth Australia. It is a mammal that is very good at swimming. (And eating babies. Quokkas babies to be precise)

It has dark black fur which it uses in the night to disguise itself to catch its prey. Their prey is Quokkas baby’s! However, on the occasional meal, they catch the adult Quokkas. They normally get their meals by the Quokkas (who are not very good parents) chucking their babies whenever they are in danger, and besides from that the baby is helpless and easy to consume.As well as this, they have dagger teeth which helps them consume and swim. They have webbed feet and hands which also helps them with their swimming.The teeth, however, are their main feature.

In Perth, the beaches are glorious and so are the resorts. Like the grand nautilus hotel. Near this beautiful resort is where these creatures are seen. They hang around waiting and watching. However, they do not harm humans (unless under captivity).However, not many humans know that they atrack whilst under captivity. Whilst their jaws are very strong they can break out of any cage/container. Many people believe that it is cute and could be a pet. However, with its ginormous teeth and its vortex black fur it is unseeable and unsafe.

It has been noticed all around Australia that the sabormandors have been decreasing in numbers. Unfortunately, these beautiful, majestic creatures are being hunted down and killed by the minute for the toxin within their dagger sharp teeth. The toxin can only be collected by cracking open the teeth. This would cause the sabormandor a lot of pain. Because of this, they just decide to kill the sabormandor. The toxin inside the tooth makes you able to control people to do whatever you want, whenever you want. So, please save a sabormandor today at

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