My Day

Dear Diary,


Yesterday evening, the most strangest but yet amazing thing happened. I was taking a walk with my sister on the beach. It was very relaxing and we just talked. I could feel my feet soothing through the wet sand, it was very fun. Seagulls flew overhead and it was surprisingly very cold even though it was a very sunny day.

Me and my sister went exploring, and by exploring I mean looking for seashells and seeing if we can spot anything cool in the water. I found a lot of things including starfish/sea stars, of course seashells and a few crabs.

By now, it was getting dark and the sun had started setting. We were talking about leaving soon but just wanted to admire and take a look at the beach one more time. After a while, we thought and decided that we wanted to leave around half past six just before dinner and in the meantime we went swimming. As we were walking back onto the sand something felt off, it smelled like rotten flesh and salmon. We thought nothing of it because it’s the beach and it’s full of fish until we heard loud grunting and growling noises. We felt terrified…

A figure emerged from the surface of the dark sea, revealing a pair of long, thin arms and razor-sharp sharp horns across it’s back. It had sharp-edged claws that look like it’s going to be used to attack us. Whatever it was, it really scared us. A few scales glistened. The creature stands there and opens leading to a loud roar revealing honed teeth. These were jaws that pounced and striked.

I stood, frozen, with my jaw on the soggy sand. I didn’t take any chances and just ran for my life. Had I just seen the Malamander? Were the stories they told us when we were little true?

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