my diary entry

Last night, the most miraculous thing happened . I was on a brilliant ride in my yacht. The wonderful waves were rolling across the southern seas  and a few revolting Seagulls flew overhead . It was so frigid by this point that I had to lay in my quarters of what my friend named the beautiful  ship.

The others wanted to explore the vast ocean and spent a lot of time scuba diving for little bits and bob we also found a stunning pearl that’s as shiny as a knight in armor. After we had a molecular level of fun in the turquoise sea we decided to have a relaxing party  on our beautiful boat . Later on , it was getting horribly unilluminated  and the sun had dipped down under the horizon.The wind had whipped up and as I stood by the boat’s rail I caught the scent of something repulsive. It smelled of rotten flesh and crimson red blood.

I perched as still as a statue and called for my amazing friends. They came to my aid as usual. It was then that it happened. Slowly out of the shadows, a silhouette began to form and come out of the ocean. Two bloodshot eyes fixed us with a glare. I could barely make out a pair of long wet arms and razor sharp spikes  across its entire dark blue body. Whatever this freak of nature was, came out of the water and paused. A few scales shimmered. It was nor fish nor anything else I have ever seen in my long life. As I stood watching in amazement the beast opened its mouth to divulge rows of honed needles for teeth. These were jaws that yanked and shred

The crew then pranced over. They too stopped and gave a scream that  even the faraway trees replied too. The creature suddenly stepped back and submerged back into the sea.

I ran back inside the boat not daring to look back. Had it already eaten my friends?  I told the driver to bring it back home quickly! Had I just seen the legendary sea monster known as the Malamander? Were the old sailors  legends true?

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