These magical creatures live on deserted Island,they are well away from lanes and where humans live.They are shy and they do not want to be around humans, and they spend their time in water and digging up sand. They swim around the shoreline and coastline.They are vegetarians and every friday in the night there is a phosphorescence glittering in the middle of the night.They could be found in dark creepy caves, spidermanders live of berries and variety of seaweed, and plankton. Their number will dwindle. Amazingly the society is helping spidermanders  by carrying out a campaign to inform the public.


It is of considerable concern that the spidermander is under harm.There are 2,000 spidermander being killed.Many countries believe that eating spidermander for their fur. The NHS is helping spider manders from being killed and from hunters.The spidermanders will kill people if they cause harm. The majority of people are being killed because humans are causing spidermanders. If you would like to join our group visit Pie  Corbett is our social partner and he said to come together and save the wonderful creatures.


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