Wolfmander in danger

A Wolfmander is a type of mammal that has black fur and blue eyes,Generally,Wolfmanders live in sea but this one lives in snow.Most wolfmanderseat deers,wolfmanders are renowned for scientific discoveries.


The public are concerned that the wolfmander disappears when seen,Some people say that they get lost in the woods because of the wolf mander.Most people believe that the wolfmander was killed by an archer.


It is thought that the Wolfmander hides in trees for its prey to come.The majority of people think that the wolfmander does not harm humans a few  people say that the wolfmanders are endangered.


The community say that the wolfmander will not be endangered.The wolfmander has 42 teeth and wolves can run at 36 to 38 Mph.


It is thought that people keep on endangering wolfmanders.A few people think that they shouldn’t do that.Unusually wolfmander survive in the wild.


Furthermore,Wolfmanders live in dark places so they can hide from their prey.Visit to save the wolfmanders


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