The Desert iguanamander

The variety of a desert iguana is related to snakes and lizards. As the desert iguanamander is large, It weighs up to 70g. They mostly have extended, slender tail with flaky skin. While the spines go in a single row from the nape to the very tip of the neck. 


As we all can tell, the desert iguana lives in the desert, but specifically in the Mojave desert region in east- central California. The mojave is quite busy for a desert iguana but they still manage it.  


Since desert iguanas live in the desert. They only eat buds, fruits and many types of plants and they mostly consume eating insects and carrion.


Several people never knew until know, regularly in the day desert iguanas change colours due to they temperature. Although they marvelous eyesight, so they can spot there prey or to detact.


The anxiety that citizens get when desert iguanamander is in risk. The numerous of citizens declare that stepping on a desert iguana is illegal. Our campaigners are trying to save the desert iguanas by finding all desert iguanas and putting them in a safe place. If this continues all the iguanas will dissolve into danger, By visiting our website https/Help desertiguanas… Dwayne Johnson even said “We should help the iguanas no matter what.”

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