A dogamander is a type of dog.It comes in many variety’s of breaded such as Siberian husky,boxer and Yorkshire terier. The common is a German Shepard  Mixed with a beagle. Its hearing is 100% better than ours and there smell is 100,000% better than our smell.Their fur has a horrid smell so its sometimes known as nastymander

Dogmanders can be easy to identify because of there loud howl which can be heard from 100,00 miles away.They come in the colours brown and green.They are small and about the size of a wardrobe.There are many people who have said they walk on 2 legs but still have paws and sharp caws.

These mysterious creatures live in meadows or valleys.They stay away from fireworks or loud noises.They live far from the sea  but close to animals for food.They’re not very kind to  poachers or hunters.They live caves of valleys or in dirt of the flower fields. They enjoy jumping flower to flower and watching the stars in the midnight sky.The dogamanders have 2 nick names ”Nastymander”because their fur smells discussing and ”cutemander” because of their cute appearance. You will find that these creatures are rare sight.They live in small packs of 3. Interestingly,their silky soft fur can be as soft as a lions main and as rough as tree branches. Unfortunately,theirs only 6 left in the world so these magic  creatures sure are legendary.

The public are concerned that the dogmanders might be slowly dying.Many city’s and countries all around the world believe that hey need the fur to make jackets to protect them,or use it for carpet.They will also use it for there magical leaping power.The society are deciding that they need to build a big cage for this creature to live in to protect wonderful creatures .They have argued for many days to make them a protected animal.If we allow these people to kill these animals,they will slowly start to die out and   we will not have any pets.If you would like to join our team and help these creatures,please sign the paper to join at leader Mr.willson has said ”please help us keep are wonderful creatures on planet earth.”


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