Malamander story

It’s very likely that you’ve enjoyed a day at Sunny on Sea. In the summer I expect you have devoured the sweet snow cones from the ice cream van. Or your brother being buried in the sand and playing frisbee with your family. But if you had made this visit in winter, You would hear the waves crashing against the jagged rocks in the stormy weather; the rain would quickly soak your clothing through and all you can hear is the wind whistling Few people visit then. Some people say you can hear hisses from the beach at night, others say you should not take a late night walk near by the beach.

My name is Karma Evans { most people call me kai } and I spend my days delivering packages , letters and news papers; I have a chat with my boss in the post office Most people say it’s tiring but I enjoy doing my job because I can meet lots of people and I have my own little room at the back where I can sleep and do some others thing for work.
I hear a noise. A boy is banging loudly on the window of the the delivery room. I am puzzled because of the sudden appearance of this strange boy who is soaking wet from the heavy rain. I let him in carefully opening the window quietly. A voice whispers “Hide me.”

Before I continue with what happens next there’s one story about our town I should tell you .It happened so long ago that no one remembers the dates. Local legend say the snakemander slithers across the beach once darkness has fallen. When the townspeople hear it hiss, as it meanders between the houses, they lock their doors and turn out the lights. Some say it was a soul of a sailor lost at sea .Some say it was hunting for food and some say some say its in pain . I’ve never heard it, though when the wind howls on a stormy night strange noises can be heard.

“Why do you need to hide ? ” I ask the young boy. “What’s the matter?”
” Its here ,I’ve seen it” he replies. “Shut the curtains”.

The story carries on.

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