Malamander Story

It’s very likely that you’ve enjoyed a day at Sandy Beach. In the summer I expect you: ate ice cream from the van on the beach, built sandcastles in the soft sands with your siblings and splashed in the warm sea. But if you had made the visit in winter, you might have seen snow drifting on the icy roads, the waves bashed against rocks. Even the local people stay away from the beach and have a good reason.
My name is April Moon (most people call me Moo) and I spend my days at the Grand Hotel as a chef. I make breakfast in the mornings; I prepare evening meals and taste all the deserts just to see if its delicious! I have a room on the top floor, its not much but its cosy.
A noise can be heard from the kitchen window, the window is all steamy and I can’t see who’s behind it. A voice says,” Do you have anywhere to hide are you alone?,” Warily I open the window , a little boy with a dirty tear stained climbs into the kitchen. “Hide me” he pleads

Before I continue with what happens next, there is one story about our town that I should tell you. It happened so long ago that no one remembers the dates. Local legends tell of a monster that comes out of the sea on dark stormy nights. Some say it is hunting for food some say its looking for something and some say it stays on the beach. When the locals hear a noise they all lock their doors, lock their windows and close their curtains.

“Why do you need to hide?” I ask curiously “what’s the matter?”
“I heard a noise please hurry and just hide me lock the door and close the curtains as well”

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