The chickenmander Week 1 By Seth SWW Y6

The chickenmander By Seth SWW Y6

It’s quite likely that you have really enjoyed a lovely day out at Slumber-on-Sea. In the summer, you may have devoured a really delicious ice-cream that gave you a brain freeze, whilst your mum and dad buried your sister or brother in the soft sand. You may have played tag or even tennis or maybe the seagulls might have even nicked your chips. But if you made a visit in the winter, the cold breeze would whip against your delicate face like a bullet, your warm hands would soon turn ice-cold and the sea would rustle like the leaves on a tree. The sun beds would probably turn bitter and frozen. The sand could be unwelcoming for you and the sharp rocks would scrape across your cold feet.

Chapter 1
My name is Bonnie Barks and I work at the Sunset Hotel. I like to organize things and I am very good at showing people where to go and where their rooms are.​ This isn’t the best job in town but its good enough for me. I have a little bedroom, that I sleep and rest in. I also have a lovely fire place where I can warm my self up when it gets too cold. In my bedroom I also have a lamp, that goes on my bedside table. I can handle my job as it isn’t to much for me. If I have any spare time, I will help anyone that wants help with their jobs.

Suddenly I hear banging on the window and a grubby face stared at me. Surprised, I knew that she wanted to come in. I cautiously opened the window. Once she climbed through the window, she stared at me one more time. She then started to look around my room for something. I don’t know what she was actually looking for. In a heart beat, she turned around, “Hide me, please!”

Before I go on, and tell you what happens next, I need to let you on a little secret. It happened so long ago, that barely anyone remembers the detail and the date. Local legends say that a mysterious monster rose from the deepest, darkest, depths of the sea. This creature is known to be a species of mander, known to be a chickenmander. some say that this amazing creature stealthily runs across the sandy beach of Slumber-On-Sea at midnight.​ It has a razor-like beak and soft, fluffy feathers. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

“Ummm, hi” I said trying to get her attention.
“Please do you have anywhere for me to hide.” She said panicking.
“Sure in hear, but before you hide, why do you need to?” I said curious
I’ve seen it! Quickly, cover the windows.” She said petrified.

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