The Dragomander Week 1 Eloise SWW

It’s more than likely that you’ve been to Discovery-on-Sea some time in your life. I’d expect you would of swam in the sea, showing off your skills and looking for sea glass. Then you probably would of pulled your parents to the ice creamery and found it difficult to pick just one flavour. You would come to the shops, spending all of your pocket money that you were saving up for your trip, and maybe buy a frosted doughnut. It’s that kind of place. In the summer.

In the winter, the chilly air of the coast line would blow your hat of, and the voices of young children splashing in the water would be replaced with crashing waves and howling winds. The boardwalk shops would most certainly be closed, because nobody would want to visit in this sort of weather. The only store open would be the small café serving coffee and tea, that quickly froze as soon as it felt the cold air.

Chapter 1

My name is Ella Eliza Parka ( but everyone calls me Lizzy, due to my middle name ) and I work in the seaside gift shop, Buckets and Spades. I am the stock manager and make sure that everything is on the shelf and that we never run out of anything. In the summer, we nearly run out of everything, but in the winter, nobody visits. I never get paid in the winter, so I call it my bad months. I live in the room above the shop, I need the money for my rent, so I can pay the actual manager of the shop. My room has a sleeping bag laid on the old, dusty, rat infested floor. There is also a small wood burner for warmth.

Suddenly, after the day was done and I’d gone to lounge in my room, a tapping sound echoes from the window. I felt my heart start to beat faster. I begin to feel scared, and I am alone. A voice came from the outside. “Let me in, please!” the person said. I stumbled over to the window and pulled it open. A freezing cold girl falls in and scrambles down on the old armchair. “Hide me!” she asks. I don’t know what to do. “Thank goodness the curtains are closed.”

Now, before I tell you the rest of the unusual time, there is something else I must tell you. A tale. A little local legend. A creature, known as the Dragomander has been sighted more than once in Discovery-on-Sea. People hear its spine chilling sounds, sobs and wails. Every night, doors are shut tight and curtains slammed shut. Stories of it flying up from the water, and stories of it eating missing sailors. It smells like fish and seaweed and rotten flesh. I’ve never seen it. I just rely on the tales; a new one every morning, of the few brave people who dare to find out for themselves. To illusive to be caught, some say. It shall eat anything in its reach, others recount.

“What are you hiding from? It’s mid winter, why would anybody be out, especially this late!” I asked.
“I’ve seen it! The legend! It’s true! I promise you!” The girl let out. This took me by surprise. The legend wasn’t true, was it? I’d never heard sobs and wails. Could I trust this girl? Was she telling the truth?

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