Amazing on sea

You’ve probably heard of amazing-on-sea, it has one of the best beaches in the world. In summer, you have probably made sandcastle you might even have been to the pier to get some donuts . You might have collected sea shells or sat in a nice chair. In the summer it’s nice and sunny. You might never see the wolfmander! On the pier in summer you can get fish and chips, donuts, ice cream and sweets. In summer you can play in the arcades and win prizes!

But in winter, it’s very cold the wolfmander will not come during winter it’ll be in the forest. In winter you have probably not come to the beach because it’s too cold. If you have been on the beach in winter you might has made a snow castle. If you come on winter, you will have to wear hat ,scarf and gloves. In winter on the pier you might get fish and chips, hot drinks and dounuts. In winter the arcade is closed because it’s too cold.

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