fantasy island

   Prologue                                                Fantasy island


You have probably been to tropical summer you would heard ukuleles playing around the warm,toasty fire.Tropical island has the most waviest waves in england,and our juice bars are always serving fresh juice.Our favourite thing about our creation is the toucans flying around and guiding you.while your in the ocean you can go flamingo riding anywhere! And for dinner we will serve you our bestest curry.


But in winter,there’s silence and no fire.Tropical Island is somewhere you don’t wanna be in winter.There’s no waves,just ice.And our juice bars are closed and are toucans are gone as well as the flamingos.Our dinner in winter is banana soup or squashed papayas.Few people come here or not even anyone come here.the bitter air makes it worse because of goosebumps.Happiness is gone in winter here.


Chapter 1.


My name is Paris Lavender. I work at Fantasy Island as a receptionist.People think it’s a difficult job but I don’t think so. This place is all I have,I sleep in the staff only room and I have a strict manager ( Miss Paisley) . How long can I survive this life?

Suddenly,loud thumping was heard at the front door.”LET ME IN!” I quickly turned around and it was a girl crying.


“Who are you?”I asked her and she responded with “Ashy apple nice to meet you but,some man with a hook was chasing me!”      

So then me and ashy hid until the man with the hook was gone

“He must have been creepy,” I whispered.

It was all quiet..until.


Before I continue with what happens next,there’s a rumour going around about the 1977 the LlamaMander tried to perish earth and make people who left their doors open make everyone they love disappear.

And he’s not been seen since 2001.


“Ashy,I don’t think that was a man with a hook..”

“What do you mean? Who was it then”?



“IT WAS THE LLAMAMANDER!” I screamed and then, Suddenly loud screeches awakened and shook the building.Everything went black and I heard a voice say “WE NEED TO CLOSE THE DOORS AND LOCK THEM!”

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