You’ve probably been to  Sunning on the Beach . In summer you probably dug big holes in the sand or built sandcastles, skimmed rocks out to sea or maybe got food like doughnuts, fish and chips or ice- cream. Go swimming  after an hour or 2 if you had that food. You can have all of that… in the summer.


But in the winter, you are probably scared to go to the beach. Know that you can not run from the wind and you will want something warm, like tea or coffee so come in the summer and not the winter. 


Chapter 1


My name is Harry Blower and I work in a museum called the Sunning beach museum. Ido the lost and found and I live in the lost and found room with all of the lost stuff.I was near the end of my shift so I went to my room for the night, I locked the doors and read my book.


I was sitting in my room when I heard  a noise. There was a girl knocking at my window and she said let me in!” so I did because I didn’t want her to stay out there in the bitter cold. She said “hide me!”     


Before I continue  you should  know something. There is something in our town that  I should  tell you. A year ago, I am pretty sure or something like that, a creature came out on a stormy night. It was  dark, but not dark enough to not see his emerald green eyes. They say he smelt like fish and can see fish man bones inside of his body. 


It is call the lisdmanderand evry time there is a  dark and stormy night they locked their doors and suter they cert

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