You’ve probably been to a wonderful place called Joyful-on -Sea. In summer, you probably played fun games, go hiking or even go rod fishing. When you came out of the cold, icy sea you’ll see your dad, who has his belly out, laying on the stripey blue and red deckchair and your mum eating the tasty fish and chips looking after your brother or sister (well not if u dont have one). You probably got taken to the : museum funfare or the pier, it’s that kind of place in summer.


But in winter, you probably felt the icy cold wind run down your back giving you the shivers. You should try to be there when the rain is 20mph, crashing down like massive rocks. Only a few people have gone dreadful on the sea because people have seen stuff…


Chapter 1


My name is Reese Butter and I’m 19 and work at the  arcade on the pier. I have roughly 500 customers. Even though my name is Reese Butter, people call me Ray (that’s my nickname). Someone told me that it must suck to have a job but i really like it. I get high pay but I don’t like spending money so I only live in a small, cramped shack. We don’t get many visitors in winter.


A girl wheezed “let me in” I let her in and she said “hide me, hide me” and i asked her whats wrong and she said “a creepy man is following me no be quiet”. Hw arrives and peers in the window. 


Before I continue with what happens next, there is one story about our town that I should tell you. It happened such a long time ago I don’t even think people remember the dates. News reporters say it comes out at night and roams the streets but its hard to believe  because news people half the time lie until i saw it.


“Why do you need to hide?” I asked. “There’s a man!” she hissed back at me. There half human, half animal, its so scary help me then we heard him.

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