Sky-Struck (part four)

The egg started to crumble like toppling dominos, leaving behind an odd little creature.

It’s wings were wider than two human arm spans,

It’s four little plump eyes gazed upon them like a whirlpool

and it seemed to be just to big to be inside the egg; which was a moment before near the size of a human head.

“Yes!!!” Ms Snappish shouted.

“Finally!” She gleamed, the creatures long snake-like body wriggling like a worm.”The search is over!”

“So this is a sky worm child?” Mark thought.

“Where’s it’s mother!?” Mark blurted out.

Ms snappish grinned…

As they were in the air, Ms Snappish seemed to be a bit more cautious.

“Should be here in a few minutes.” She mumbled “Sky-worm mothers never leave their kids…”

She was cut off by a riveting roar from behind, a massive sky worm of what must have been twenty metres long, emerged from the clouds.

It’s mouth was horrendous, with teeth all down it’s a throat, razor-sharp.

Ms Snappish, who by this point is utterly mad, brings up the baby to its mouth and demands it to be trained in a horrible accent.

Ms Snappish gives The beast its child and

The sky worm devours her in one gulp. GULP! Splitting the sky ship in two.

Suddenly they are tumbling through the air grasping to a blanket each trying to make a parachute, it didn’t work.

Suzy gulped as she breathed in her final breath…

…Boing! What was that? They weren’t dead! They had simply landed in their neighbours back garden on a birthday-blowup castle!

“Finally!” Mark sighed, “we’re home!”.

“Who invited you to airbags?” Ms Woodwind glared.

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