Chapter 1



You’ve probably been to Sunny-on-Sea .In summer ,you probably remember that delicious new ice-cream you devoured in seconds.When you came you would have seen the scruffy ginormous seagulls glaring for dropped food there could be the joyful screams of children in a dingy whilst their parent pulled them. You might have seen a fantastic sand castle that you wish wouldn’t get destroyed by the crashing waves. It can be that type of place… in the summer.


But in the winter, you probably felt the bitter cold snow beating against your frozen face stopping you from seeing ahead. When it’s Winter there will be a thick layer of fog covering the sky and your favourite ice-cream shop will say in big red letters closed. Not many people visit then and even the locals stay of the beach … and they have a good reason.


Chapter 1


My name is George Smartie and I work at Coastal Bay Hotel -That is located at Sunny-on-Sea.I am a lost and founder ,most people think its a bad job but Iget paid and get to keep anything that’s not been collected after 2 years It seems like a long time but I get things at least once a week since I’m not the first lost and founder of this hotel .I have a little room where there’s a log burner and I get a few logs each two days.I’m also surrounded by dusty clothes ,suitcases and almost everything you would bring to a beach.


Although it is a small room,I only use it for a couple of hours because I have “opportunities”from my boss.But It’s never busy in the winter and sometimes its empty so I just wander around the hotel.


A girl tapped on the window and mumbled “let me in!” I glared at her thinking “is she a guest ?or has she lost her key ?”But her face tells me something completely different as if someone is chasing her. I opened the window and she tumbled in .Staggering around the room I stood there watching her not knowing what to do.She whispered “hide me!”


Before I continue with what happened next, there is one story about our town that I should tell you. It had happened so long ago that no one remembered the dates or the explanation. Locals Believe of the legend of the wolfmander .they say that It’s in pain and it howls in its dugout cave  and feeds on any living organism it can find. It is the variety of mander that is slowly going extinct and It’s said it prowls in the streets at night. It smells of rotten bones and every one will lock their windows and doors if they hear its repulsive screech.


I’ve never seen it or heard it in the dreadful weather but the wind could be mistaken for a howl of a colossal wolf!


I ask why she needs to hide but she just said “lock the doors!”

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